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Find Safety & Independence Through Our Services

- We offer a 24-hour Crisis Line 365 days/year (608)365-1119 or (608)364-1065

-Find safety and independence through a varitety of services.

-Information and referral services are available 24-hours a day, every day.

-Legal advocacy is available for assistance with restraining orders and Victim Service Representatives.

-Our Children's Program serves children affected by domestic violence.

-Our parenting curriculum focuses on parenting in families that have experienced abuse.

-We offer support groups every week.

-Individual emotional support available 24 hours a day by our client support specialists by phone or in person.

-Everyone receiving services, whether residing in the shelter or in the community, has access to a case manager for support and assistance in achieving their goals. 

What can I do if I am being abused?

- If you, or someone else, is in danger, call 911. 

- Call the BDVSC Crisis Line for support and information. 

- Get medical attention if you or someone else is hurt. Tell the doctor how the injury occurred and ask that it be documented. 

- Have someone take pictures of the injuries and date them.

-A Domestic Violence Restraining Order is free and is available through BDVSC or your community court house.

- Make a "safety plan". Include a safe place to call or go for yourself and your children. Pack and hide a bag with money, identification, important papers, extra keys, clothing and medication.

- Talk with someone safe and supportive.


Kelsey M. Hood- Christenson
Program Director
(608) 364-1083

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