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What We Provide

Each individual comes to us with personal strengths, support and resources. Together, we develop a shared understanding of the factors that pose an obstacle to personal fulfillment and growth. We work together to identify and enhance the strengths necessary for regaining emotional well-being and balance.


At Family Services, we believe that every client deserves the opportunity to receive the psychiatric care they need.  Through the use of Tele-psychiatry, our clients have the access to receive a private and confidential psychiatric assessment and continuing care through secure video conferencing with a licensed and experienced psychiatrist.

Family & Individual Counseling

Few things in life are valued more than the well-being of ourselves and our families. We know, however, that there are times when living hurts, times when past traumas continue to ache as open wounds, times when the world ceases to be a place of wonder and joy. Indeed, there are times when relationships within our families become clouded by intense and often destructive acts, times when those close to us no longer give us solace. During these times, counseling and other therapeutic interventions can make a positive difference.

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Jennifer Weidner, MSW, LCSW

Program Director

(608) 365-1244

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