Green County

We are reaching out to you because we value your time and talents and could use them in our organization as a volunteer. 

As of October 1st we have expanded our services and have some incredibly exciting things in the works with the goal of better serving the community. We are starting a community or associational mapping process that will help us get a better understanding of where we need to focus to better reach those places that victims may disclose. This is a big undertaking and with very little time commitment people that volunteer to help with this can make a HUGE impact. We are also working on entering a partnership with a local business that will open up volunteer opportunities while serving the community in multiple ways.

If this is something that interests you we would love to meet with you. Volunteers can give of their time as much or as little as an hour a month. Opportunities exist that work with your time schedule and comfort level. Our monthly volunteer meetings are the 3rd Monday evening of the month from 6:00 to 7:00 pm with one on Monday Oct 21st. Contact me for location information. If you can't make that time frame please don't let that deter you from helping! With our expanded services I now have the time to meet with volunteers outside of regular meetings. I will keep them informed and engaged. We are only as strong as the people we surround ourselves with. Better together as another advocate at SARP has imparted on me.