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Intimate Partner Violence

Signs of Intimate Partner Violence:
  • If you decline to have sex, your partner accuses you of cheating, calls you a prude or harasses you until you give in.
  • Your partner cheats on you (and maybe even blames you for it).
  • Your partner uses pornography in ways that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Your partner holds double standards.  For example, he or she looks at other people in a sexual way, but you cannot.  Or, your partner cheats on you but controls your behavior so that you cannot see other people.
  • Your partner expects you to have a perfect body.
  • Your partner expects you to have sex after an argument or abusive incident. 
  • You feel uncomfortable saying no to your partner because you are afraid of how they might react. 
  • Your partner is cold to you, and only approaches you in a loving way when he or she wants to have sex.
  • Your partner pressures or coerces you into having sex with other people
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